Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{Project 365 ~ Day 267}

You can go anywhere with books...


{Project 365 ~ Day 266}

A little love noodle soup for the soul...


{Project 365 ~ Day 265}

My husband found a Mourning Cloak butterfly folded in the grill cover. He thought it was petrified, but after Greyson picked it up and each kid held it for a bit, it fluttered up to our house and then away. Interesting little fellow.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

{Project 365 ~ Day 264}

Ever wonder what a four year old will buy with her first three earned dollars?

She sorted all the laundry, cleaned the kitchen top to bottom (with me), and vacuumed! So proud of how diligently she did the jobs above and beyond her normal chores. And her choice of the glasses. Why not? She's four after all. :)


{Project 365 ~ Day 263}

While Everleigh attended her first class of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Greyson and I hung out crunching leaves, smelling flowers, and reading the Beatitudes. He wanted to feel the words as I read them.


{Project 365 ~ Day 262}

Just hanging around...double jointed...
She started on all fours on top of the bars, then dropped down into this position. Crazy to see in person. She must have done it fifty times.


{Project 365 ~ Day 261}

A fine night for a ballgame. Even though our home team is in last place, the away team is my childhood team and since we're taking my dad for his birthday it's only fitting! Go Cardinals!
And the Cards take it 11-4. The weather though couldn't have been more perfect. Fantastic night. (Got my days a bit mixed up, so this actually happened last night, and the one of peek a boo Ever is from today. But I'm too lazy to correct it.)